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Dec 3, 2013 5:00am PST
is new moon. as for the people who came out to the rallies any show of when lisa was confirmed by everybody's freedom and right to speak them minds the truth in it is important that the sonics have a peaceful kind to. it does not say if it's the representatives of the government and or enforcement agencies all the participants of the rallies all must respect the gnome. position. panic as it also accused the testers of hiding behind children and occupying official buildings he called on government and opposition to unite to investigate any offence connected to last friday's on to identify what she called provoke that as it was a coup in march two thousand the hundreds of people marched through the armenian capital yerevan to denounce the visit of russian president but to be a putin and express their solidarity with pro european rallies in ukraine. the protest to strongly oppose the media's decision in september to seven assist nation agreement with the eu and instead joined a moscow to a customs union the city spoke to st to demonstrate to try to reach government buildings the l
Dec 6, 2013 6:30am PST
that it was imprisoned lisa curry poignant shook the country in nineteen seventy six government forces saw dozens of youth and school children who would demonstrate in custody in stewart st. in the nineteen nineties demonstrations and police find its continued state of emergency was declared the country's currency collapsed. meanwhile the anti apartheid movement picked up momentum the board's announcement that it became its living single. several musicians great songs in his armor and writing history the month that it was eventually transferred to pick suppose to prison in nineteen ninety eight when he meets guilty secret negotiations with the government. in nineteen ninety the ban on gays he was lifted to dump every eleven combat team into the warm temps a free man . then it was elected president of the anc in nineteen ninety one. he continued to negotiate the president of the butte occurred to seek an end to the country's racist goals. three men were wanted them to the price in nineteen ninety three. nope all. i didn't fight at all. when paul. it was. apartheid when he came to an end in ninete
Dec 5, 2013 8:30am PST
. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. the us defence secretary lisa on the keys to keep china's newly declared air defense identification zone. and if the world through go inside the heat you can show you that
Dec 5, 2013 9:00am PST
lisa on the keys to keep china's newly declared air defense identification zone. and if the world through go inside the heat you can show you that it is a complex operation to revoke the nuclear fuel. and south koreans generally preferred by now more and more people are turning to his bicycle us defence secretary says the biggest concern for washington is how china declared its air defense identification zone track a goal said. other countries should have been consulted on him first. it's not good the news itself is new. or unique. he is concerned we have. is how it was. and i'm so new lateral. and so immediately without any consultation last month chinese defense official said all foreign aircraft traveling through this all must give prior notice and follow orders or face emergency measures a goal said the declaration was not a wise course of action joint chiefs of staff chairman martin dempsey said the requirements do not conform to international norms. it wasn't the declaration of the ages that actually it was de stabilizing or was their assertion that they would cause all airc
Dec 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
. lisa johnson son of the school along with other parents because there was none in the area offering gem in essence best deals to secure state funding. coming in we've brought up by dealing with a tonal language the cookies to enjoy the intellectual extension comes from knowing i can. i think is the good things do i want to do much. this colonial this year. the jordy got more applicants than places. some of the parents take john lessons themselves so they can help to chill with their homework. in common and can be. i want. i made this in your nose. many instrumental and a second language. i want to give their children the opportunity that they never had. he was just happy when she was between him and to specifically for the region teams because they can't read cds intake for cisco's still in my opinion i cannot imagine thing leaving you wanting to press china to support a utensil ways that are unsavory out on. i am on the really great student at the moment education. from a low he can advise the school some foreign languages the school who is also reluctant to lend a forum in which she s
Dec 6, 2013 5:30am PST
and small bones that i can facilities occupied by anti government protesters on friday. lisa free people in jest. protesting the days due to address the rally later in the day where he's expected to spell out that the pounds meanwhile government seems to be taking a tougher line to tread past seventeen prime minister says. the time photo contest and it's time to the protests and ego will be invested as soon as possible lena has been accused of treason and taunts which can carry the death penalty. well it has been in deep sorrow on the hearing the news that's now summoned out of pasta way to put a suiting sat down with ethiopian ambassador to china for his reaction on madonna's concert. you see things we know that you are a former foreign minister of the ethiopian we come to china. so you have very close relationship with you what does an awesome journey to you and what's your feeling of the costs of health and which on the opel p it was his skull. with only one of the movies and uncle my own the expresso. one of them the people the government holly and critics. opal on toes off the cuff.
Dec 7, 2013 7:30am PST
credit card and it off here and that their concerns are not leaking. he couldn't talk. all right lisa was like very much sarah kenyans tps update again that's the least it kept them speak realize that northeastern i knew as a santa tracking demonstrations are taking place. back to us from diesel said coursing up roll across the atlantic the u s state of texas has been shaken by several earthquakes recently with some scientists saying dozens of nearby tree wells on to bang them are my pride to this the professor the end of this evil taxes. i didn't break over the striking activity should be subjected to more federal regulation what needs to happen is there needs to be more harm to those who are most vulnerable to the harms and all. here you know companies talk about conducting this in a state away. but the there is no objective answer to what this state. this is um it's it's a system that vulnerable to what was called normal accidents they can certainly something to happen go wrong with that at any time. the weather that's too frequently occurring or whether the cars involved are of gr
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
with it the first part and lisa met on the wing scott temple and is looking light to the international well now it's like a sign that the design. julianne said to be delicate stomach. a total of in the second part of perth and we got to the demonstration. at the temple in and invite in the city government and the oki ni leaving soon and kind man and the general to actually experience it yourself then discuss what with and that too. of course had to come is the temple people to let us do its job that was the second part completed in the scene of the third part which happened to see the actual implementation. beware of inflation and to have a of the city government and the cultural affairs he will direct a new director on board to which went on recess to put this question. thanks ok and you mentioned the key point is now. and you know lou you know when you propose a project like this. and you wanted to licking the theory of historical city of time it has to be some apprehension who feel that among the local people it helps to local officials said you don't know what if your meal pride j doherty equ
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8